“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. ” ¬†Psalm 23:1

Hello there and welcome to my space. My name is Sharon (Nilu) and well I have been dreaming and procrastinating and procrastinating about starting a food blog. Well there are so many food blogs out there. Countless, so why bother to start one? Sometimes we are pushed to share our ideas and help one another, perhaps the reason this blog was born.I thank the Lord first and foremost for enabling me to get things moving in this regard.

Hailing from South India ,a town called Nagercoil and then having lived in Tuticorin Madurai and Bangalore for schooling, graduation and working in that order I have recently moved to Australia, Adelaide to be specific. I have some time in my hand before I start a job hunt to pursue my decade and a half career in the IT field. I own no fancy cameras or equipment. My decade long Sony P 200 and for quick easy shots my iphone are my moment captors.Cooking has been a passion since I was a kid in my pre teens, teens and much more afterward. Happy food memories. My Mom is an avid cook and baker and has encouraged that me and my elder sister experiment in the kitchen. I have gathered a few good recipes along the way and hoping to share on this blog.I dedicate this blog to my dearest Appa (Dad) who has been a role model and inspiration to get out there and achieve!

This blog is also an humble attempt to help Indians in Adelaide to locate Indian Groceries / vegetables from various grocers across Adelaide

I hope you enjoy while you’re here. God Bless!