Spinach and Lentils Curry / Spinach Dal Curry/ Keerai Paruppu Curry

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Spinach. Lentils. Yum. The recipe is very easy to make.This is a no fuss recipe yet delicious! It was a quick one pot meal during hostel times. Times when roomies just needed food and Quick. About more than a decade ago we were three girls who rented a house and waking hours are hungry hours. I am reminded of the old man who brings fresh spinach to our doors in the early hours and the hustle and bustle cooking it. We quickly make rice in a pot and the cooker is reserved for the Spinach Dal Curry and then its a hearty soupy meal. Maybe a omelette to go with it? And papad for the vegetarian with us, Ah! Yum!


Source : Me

Serves : 4

Must haves : Spinach, Moong Dal, pressure cooker

Spinach : 1 medium bunch (The bunch we get in the local market is huge, Massive as the locals say 🙂

Moong Dhal : about 125 gms or 3/4 cup (my cup measures 160ml)

To temper :

Mustard : 1/2 tsp

Cumin Seeds : 3/4 tsp

Oil : 2 tsp

Ghee / Clarified butter : 2 tsp

Curry leaves : few

Asafoetida : 1/4 tsp (optional)

Garlic : 2 medium pods, minced

Green Chilli : 1 Slit

Tomatoes : Ripe 2 medium

Turmeric : 3/4 tsp

Red Chillies : 2 broken into 2


Soak the Moong dal for about 15-20 minutes.

Pressure cooker Pan, add the moong dal, chopped spinach, 1/2 tomato and 3.5 cups water. Although the spinach may seem too much it will reduce down a lot after cooking.(Use the same cup for measurement)

Pressure cook for 2 Whistles. Keep aside

In another pan, add oil and the ghee.

Add the mustard seeds. Allow to crackle

Add the cumin and red chillies and green chilli.

Add the asafoetida if using

Add the minced garlic and the chopped tomatoes. Wait till the tomatoes go mushy and add the turmeric

Finally add the cooked spinach. Let it come to a boil

Serve hot with rice, roti, chappathi


Look at the size of that spinach leaf 🙂

My Local Picks

Spinach from the local market in Findon.

The Moong Dal is the Pattu brand from the adjoining Indian Store.

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