Poori and Potato Masala /Poori Kilangu masala

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Poori and potato is another favorite of mine. If not deep fried I would enjoy it once a week. There have been times I go to the hotel to have a “Poori-set” – For one,for a moment I would like to think that they were baked so as to waive off the guilt and two, I can just stop at what the number of Pooris the set would comprise of, which is usually 3. So at vegetatian hotels it has to be pongal or Poori for breakfast depending on which hotel we go to. Although there are Indian hotels aplenty over here,  I do miss some of the hotels back home for their authentic dishes and flavours. Poori can be made with 100% whole wheat flour or 50% each of whole wheat flour and maida or all purpose flour. This recipe is made with Whole wheat flour



Serves : 3-4

Poori :

Whole wheat flour : 2 1/2 cups (Cup measures 160 ml)

Water : 1 Cup + 1 tbsp

Salt : 1/4 tsp

Make a stiff dough with the flour by adding water little by little. Too much water would mean oil laden pooris. So, go easy on the water addition.

Keep aside for 25-30 mins.

In the meantime prepare the masala

After 30 mins, make small balls about a small lime size. Roll out not too thin and not too thick in size. 

TIP : To avoid the oil from browning a tip would be to add a drop of oil to the surface before rolling out the dough.

Heat oil to hot( almost smoking hot) On high flame, gently slide the poori and with the back of the spoon keep pressing so that it puffs up. After 45 seconds. gently flip to cook the other side. Wait for another 45 seconds.Once brown. remove and drain on paper towels.






Boiled potatoes : 4 Medium

Oil : 2 tsp

Mustard : 1/2 tsp

Channa Dal : 1 tsp

Urad Dal : 1 tsp

Asafoetida : a fat pinch

Ginger : 1 tsp finely chopped

Onion : 1 medium sliced

Tomato : 1 medium Chopped

Red Chilli powder : 3/4 tsp

Turmeric : 1/4 tsp

Coriander leaves : to garnish

Curry leaves few


Boil potatoes and crumble it with your hands so they are not mushy mashy but still few large pieces remain.Set aside

Heat a pan with oil, add mustard, wait for it to splutter

Then add the channa and urad dals and wait fot it to turn brown

Add the curry leaves.

Add the Sliced Onions and ginger. Saute till they turn soft 

Add the tomatoes and powders and saute for a further 3-4 minutes

Now add the potatoes Give it a good stir. and after a minute add 1.5 (225 ml)water.

Lower the heat, Cover and cook for 3- 4 more minutes . Once it boils and is cooked, check salt and remove. Serve hot with Pooris


TIP : To avoid the oil from browning a tip would be to add a drop of oil to the surface before rolling out the dough.

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