1.. 2.. 3 … Puttu/ Steamed Rice Flour Cake

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Puttu has its origins from Kerala? Or Srilanka? Both are Coconut rich countries. I wouldnt be surprised if it had its origins from Sri Lanka.Lankan cuisine is so much like South Indian but the spicier coconut laden version of it. How do you make your puttu at home? I opened my puttu flour pack bought locally. It read “Rice Flour Funnel Cake” I gave one long stare at the Puttu maker and re-read this. Had a hearty laugh.Good start to the day I must say. I still cant figure which part is the funnel.Tubular yes, but funnel? Our neighbouring state folks have a good sense of humour. Supposed to be a marketing gimmick to lure a north Indian or a westerner to try the funnel cake. :D. I was telling my sister the other day about the PUTTU and she told me she added a couple of steps to get the softer, flakier version. Puttu is an ideal breakfast and is usually served with sugar, banana. In South India its also served with Payarru(green gram Dal) and Papadum, Kadala curry (black Channa Dal curry) .Puttu also tastes with fish/pork curry. Heres her version






Serves : 2-3

CUP Measures : 160 ml

Puttu Flour : 2.5 Cups

Coconut, fresh : 1.5 cups, grated

Salt : 1/2 tsp

Water : 3/4th cup

In a wide bowl add the flour and the salt. Mix well.

To this sprinkle water and keep mixing till it resembles coarse crumbs.

The flour consistency should be that we should be able to form lumps but they should be easily crush-able too.

To remove the smaller crumbs pulse it in the mixer for about 10-15 seconds.

Sieve this mixture.

Take your puttu maker.

Generously layer with coconut. Top it with the sieved flour mixture.Again layer with coconut.Then the rice flour, 2 handfuls, Repeat it till you fill the top of the puttu maker.

In the meantime, allow water to boil in the bottom part of the puttu maker.

Place the tube over this and steam on medium high for about 6-8 mins.

A good sign is when the steam is seen through the hole on the top of the puttu maker.

Slide gently using a sharp long spoon or the fork that comes with it.

Serve with banana, sugar. Tastes good with Mango, and curries too.



Local Picks

Puttu flour/Puttu podi : Double Horse brand from Indian Choice Store on Hanson Road

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