How to make Clarified Butter/ Ghee

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What Butter is to the western world, ghee is to India. Clarified butter or Ghee can be made quickly at home if you’ve the time and the patience. If you’ve also been in the western world, there are so many brands being imported but they lack the flavours and the aroma of what we get back home.My memory runs back to those days when cream was collected off the milk then reserved in the freezer and when sufficient amount is collected, beaten, churned and the resultant butter is then melted down to get the desired ghee or clarified butter.Of which, the aroma is incomparable. Fresh moringa leaves is used to settle the milk solids.  I must admit the Clarified butter prepared this way did not give me the expectant aromatic results but it is way better than the store bought ones.



Yeilds : 750 – 800 gms

Butter : 1 Kg (Use cultured butter {unsalted} to ger the best results) I used plain unsalted butter

Heavy bottomed pan.



Heat the heavy bottomed pan and add the butter and let it melt. You could add the butter straight off the fridge too

Turn the heat to low and after the butter has melted down you would see that it would start to boil and the solids will start appearing on the top.

With the back of the ladle, skim off the scum or the froth.

Always remember to keep the heat low. 

Repeat removing the froth when it forms a layer.

After about 30-40 mins the butter will start to clarify and then you will see that the solids will start settling down at the bottom and turn a bit brown. Its then time to turn off the heat

Remove from heat and let it cool. Pour into bottles for future use.



Local Picks:

Butter : Devondale Unsalted Butter

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