Garam Masala

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What is Garam Masala? “Garam” in hindi means Hot and Masala is derived from the Persian word “Masalah” which means Spice mix – in short, Hot Spice mix. The garam masala is like the kick off-er to any good Indian savory dish. Till date I have not tasted them in sweets as a “masalah”  But would love to someday. Like how this powder could come together in a kulfi or a dash of this in a cake or a  payasam. Weird and interesting. Something I am very much into these days :). The Garam Masala was quite foreign to the South Indian cuisine. The spices in the south are used in their whole until the North Indian cuisine made its way to the South and the South Indies embraced the flavours. This is a simple garam masala . Charming and Aromatic. Of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves and Fennel. There’s no real heat from the peppers, or red hot chillies. Its the ideal pinch you’d add to your non-vegetarian dishes in the end for that extra kick and aroma. Using good quality spices is very important in this recipe for its authenticity – sweetness from the Cinnamon, intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance of the Cardamom, officinal property of Cloves and Saunf (fennel seeds) for both its aroma and medicinal qualities.






Cinnamon Quills : 100 gm

Cloves : 100 gm

Fennel Seeds/Saunf : 75 gm

Cardamom : 50 gm


Dry roast the spices one by one on low heat for about 5 – 6 mins

Once cool, powder and store in air tight containers.



Store in freezer in zip lock bags to seal in the flavour 








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