Maggi Noodles loaded with veggies and Egg

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I don’t believe I am doing a post on this, but this is how I usually do it at home when its “Noodle night” which is at least once a fortnight or once a month. I love Maggi. Well, who doesnt? Its been a lifesaver in many homes of bachelors and bachelorettes. I cant remember the countless number of times we have had this as a “quick fix”  when we girls huddled gossiping and talking, complaining away into the night or just watching plain television. The noodle gets a makeover depending on who’s making it. I remember one of my roomie making this maggi tempering it with mustard and chillies. Really, nothing to complain about. I also like to have this soupy with a egg poached in it before removing it off the heat. (Saves using another pan as well as the clean up that follows)  If not for the allegations and the controversies surrounding the “chemicals” in the pack , Maggi would be a regular in our homes. This is one of my dear cousin Priya ka’s version. I hope I have done justice to the recipe. This is  reminiscient of her hostel days




Recipe :

Serves : 3-4

Beans : 75 gm, julienned

Carrot : 75 gm, julienned

Cabbage : 75 gm, shredded

Garlic : 2 cloves, finely chopped

Red Chilli flakes : 1 tsp

Maggi Noodles (Original or Atta pack) : 3 packs (Masala tastemaker)

Masala taste maker : 2 satchets

Soya sauce : 1 tbsp

Vinegar : 1 tsp (optional)

Oil : 1tbsp + 3 tsp

Tomato sauce : 2tsp (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste 

Cooked Chicken : roast leftover chicken or fried chicken or chicken with no gravy, shredded

Eggs : 2-3 beaten with salt and pepper


Method :

Shred cabbage, slice onion and julienne Beans, Carrots and Chop Garlic. Keep aside

Bring plenty of water to a boil

Drop the noodles into the boiling water with a tsp oil and let it cook for 2 minutes till soft.

Drain and pour cold water to stop the noodle from cooking. Drizzle oil to prevent sticking

Saute the onion with the garlic till it turns soft

Turn up the heat and add the Carrots and Beans cook on high for 2 minutes

Add the Shredded cabbage finally, toss till its cooked

Add the masalas

Add the noodles and cooked chicken

Add soya sauce and vinegar (optional)

Adjust seasoning to taste

Beat eggs with salt and pepper. Make omelettes from eggs and chop them up, add to noodles. Toss well.










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