Indian Spiced Buttermilk

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Its summer down here. Where its a white Christmas elsewhere it a beachy summery Christmas over here. It was a weird feeling the first time celebrating Christmas in December reaching for that thirst quenching buttermilk! Refreshing! Did you know how easy it is to make it. My memories go back to my roomie and a good friend of mine who made this with the Nandini curd (I miss you curd) in a jiffy. We didnt have many spices then so we just whizzed it in our decade old “Sumeet” mixer jar left behind by another roomie of ours and enjoyed it. Now who remembers that brand? Buttermilk completes a South Indian meal. Agree?



Recipe :

Serves : 2

Ginger : 1 cm chopped

Green chilli : 1 cm piece

Curry leaves : few

Coriander leaves : few

Salt 1/2 tsp

Greek Yogurt / or any thick curd  : 3 heaping Tbsp , not too sour




In the small mixie jar/blender jar add all the ingredients except the yoghurt or curd.Add Salt too.Grind well

Once well ground, add the yoghurt close the jar tightly and give it another run for 20 seconds.

Now if the jar is small move to a taller bowl and add water. Give a good stir. Your buttermilk is now ready

If you’re using a taller blender, just add water to make around 450-500 ml.Give a quick blend for another 10 seconds. Pour into glasses, serve.


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