The Indian Coffee – Kaapi

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Most Indian homes start their day with a Cup of Coffee. It Awakens.Uplifts.Boosts. Did you know coffee acts as a great Stimulant by uplifting the mood and gives that boost you need to look forward to the day. I love coffee and a good big mug of it. There have been lazy days where that coffee has been good enough to skip breakfasts. That’s not a good thing though. Even if you’re rushing to work enjoy it with a toast or two. Its such a stimulant that it can act as an irritant. 😀 So next time you grab just a coffee on the go, make sure you munch something with it.That Crispy Dosa or a couple of Idlis should be good enough. The hotels in Tamil Nad serve some of the best coffees in the world.Filter Kaapis. Awesome that little steel tumblers and dishes are so much a tradition to live by.I dont own any coffee filters and so this frothy coffee is all I’ve got. How do you make your coffee at home?Do let me know.




Serves : 1

Coffee : 3/4 tsp (I used Nescafe Espresso)  Good ol’ BRU should be just as fine

Raw Sugar : 2 tsp or White Sugar : 1.5 tsp

Milk : 250 ml , Boiled 

Cocoa for dusting(optional)

Boil the milk. When the milk has boiled and gushes to spill over turn off the heat. 

Take your mug add the coffee powder as well as the sugar. Add 1 tsp Boiling water, and with a spoon beat away.This mixture will turn from dark brown to a golden brown to a much lighter brown.Add another tsp water if necessary. Keep beating for a good 2 minutes till the sugar dissolves.

Now pour that hot milk into the mug.It will stay frothy to the top.

One gentle stir.Top it with cocoa if using. Sip!

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