Payarru Kanji / Rice and Green Gram Dal Porridge and Simple Chutney/Thovaiyal

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“Good” Friday marks the crucifixion of Christ. Although it’s the memorialisation of the death of Christ, it’s called Good Friday since it makes a way of salvation for the downfallen mankind and instills hope for eternity by the work on the Cross of Calvary. Traditionally, few hours are spent at church and a very light meal is had either at church or at home. As such this porridge is a one pot meal and can be made early for the day ready for lunch or brunch after the service. This porridge has been my favourite ever since I was a kid and is prepared usually on Good Fridays as well as on other days which call for a simple meal /supper. Sometimes when Mom asked me which one I would prefer, I used to say “Payyaru kanji” It’s a nutritious meal too, proteins from the Dal and Carbs from the Rice. Please be generous with the Coconut, it’s the star in the Dish. The recipe uses rice to water ratio higher than the standard ratio used for rice. The dull weather has not complimented the photographs in any way.




Serves: 3-4

Measuring Cup Used: 160 ml

Rice: 1 3/4 cup ( I used Sona masuri)

Whole green gram Dal: 3/4 cup

Coconut: 1.5 Cups Freshly grated Coconut, 3/4 cup plus 3/4 cup, divided

Garlic: 3-4 pods peeled

Salt: 1 tsp

Water: 7.5 to 8 cups

I usually soak the Green gram Dal overnight or at least 4-5 hours. But this is optional.

Add all the ingredients to a pressure cooker, adding 3/4 cup Coconut and cooking on low to medium heat for about 3-4 whistles

Now remove and add more coconut (3/4 cup) and serve hot, warm

Serve with Thovaiyal.

Coconut Chutney/Thovaiyal

Coconut : 1 cup

Tamarind : small marble size

Green Chilli : 1-2 depending on the heat

Cumin/ Zeera : 1/2 tsp


Add the above ingredients to a mixie jar and pulse it to get a crushed consistency. You could add a tbsp water to grind too

Serve with Love! Enjoy your hot porridge and chutney/thovaiyal


Notes :

Add boiling water to the porridge if the consistency is thick. You need a consistency similar to the Dosa batter




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