One Pot Pasta Soup – Quick and Easy

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Its getting colder and a bowl of soup can do wonders! This is a no fuss soup just throwing all the ingredients and pressure cooking for a lovely filling soup. A toast or two will go perfectly with these.While the recipe calls for a stock cube / ready-made stock, you could also prepare a stock from here , the addition of the bouillon adds flavour  without the need for additional spices. In a word, makes it easy.








Measuring cup used : 160ml

Chicken : 100 gm chopped small / if using with bone, boil it and shred it

Butter : 2 tsp

Shallots / small onions : 3, finely chopped

Veggies : carrots, peas, potatoes , diced to about 1 cm each 1/2 cup each

Pasta :  75 gm about 1 cup

Mint leaves : 2-3, chopped fine

Tomato : 1 small chopped

Pepper : 1 tsp, freshly ground

Water : 500 ml 

Bouillon cube : 1 , Maggi or low sodium broth



Heat a pressure cooker add the oil, add chicken saute till the chicken is cooked through, add the mint leaves. Remove, keep aside

To the same pan, add butter, the shallots and garlic. Saute for a minute

Add the vegetables, saute a minute add the stock/cube and water

Pressure cook for 2 whistles

Open pan after the pressure releases. Season with pepper. Serve hot with a toast or two.





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