Luquaimat – Fluffy balls drenched in Saffron infused Syrup

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Some of the information available on social media can be very tempting especially if its food. Its Eid around the corner and the food  video on popular street foods in the Middle East during the month of fasting popped up on my wall convinced me enough to get there and try it. If you’re looking for a bit of crunch on the outside and soft fluffy inside then this recipe is that but then it can be a bit bland when you’re eating through the syrupy exterior. Yeast is used as a leavening agent in this recipe. I would suggest making smaller balls so the sugar syrup does coat most of the surface area. Off to the recipe





Adapted from here

All purpose flour : 1 cup

Sugar : 1 tbsp

Cornflour : 1 tbsp

Cardamom powder : 1/2 tsp

Water : 3/4th cup, warmed to about 47-50 C

Yeast : 1 tsp


For the syrup:
Sugar:  1 cup
Water : 3/4 cup
Pinch of saffron

Lime juice : 1/2 tsp


Mix the yeast with the warm water and sugar allow to prove for 5 minutes

Meanwhile, mix both the flours, cardamom powder so they are free of lumps.

Gradually add the yeast mixture and keep whisking till you get a smooth mixture.

It should be thick yet flowing batter

Wrap in cling,  and keep it aside for an hour.

After about 45 minutes , make the sugar syrup. mix sugar and water and once it reaches single string consistency, add the saffron and lime juice. Keep aside

Heat oil for deep frying and once heated enough ( below smoking point)

Spoon batter into the oil and deep fry till they turn golden brown

Remove on paper towels and toss them is sugar syrup and remove in about a minute or earlier if you like.

Serve with a cup of tea.



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