Iced Orange Cake

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One thing I can promise of this cake – Delicious! Its so delicious that you’ll run for seconds and at that, cause you need to compete for it. Yes, its deliciously good and I say that when I had taken it to work almost 5 years ago, a friend, acquaintance, colleague smelt something good from my desk and then the numbers Q lined for seconds so much so that I had just a couple of slices for the supposedly “Potluck” . There was a time I remade this unfailing recipe over the weeks to subdue the constant plead for “THAT ORANGE CAKE” till it tapered off. And it’s a Rachel Allen’s recipe. Dinners, lunches and the kitchen can wait when her programs were aired on TLC.





Orange zest : 2 -3 tsp from 2 plump oranges

Self raising Flour : 175 gms or (All purpose Flour 175 gm + 1.25 tsp baking powder)

Butter : 175 gms, melted

Castor Sugar : 125 gm or powdered sugar

Eggs : 3

Orange juice : 3 tbsp (optional)


Icing sugar : 3/4 cup

Orange juice : 1 tbsp

Orange Zest : 1 tsp



Preheat oven to 175 C and grease and flour a 22 cm cake pan

Sieve the Self raising flour or (the All purpose flour + baking powder). Keep aside

Take a the 3 eggs and the powdered sugar/castor sugar and beat them well till they go frothy.

Now add the melted butter followed by the orange zest and the mix them well. 

Add the flour one spoon at a time and fold it into the butter, egg mixture.

Gently fold in till all the flour is used up

Pour into greased pan and bake for about 30 mins till a tester comes clean.

After about 5 minutes, Turn over the cake and Set aside to cool 


In a small bowl add the sifted icing sugar and the zest.

Add a tbsp orange juice. Mix well.. The glaze should be very thick

Pour the glaze on the cake and spread it with a spoon.

Cut after about 10 minutes after the gaze has set and forms a crust. Enjoy!

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