Sriviliputhur Palkova/ Milk Halwa

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This is an excellent recipe shared by another schoolmate of mine, JC,  in our good old school group. The end product also brings back memories of the deliciousness of the sweet my uncle used to get from Virudhunagar when we were kids.  Very few ingredients, coupled with patience and time, this is absolutely worth the effort. The addition of semolina was new to me and I was very pleased with the outcome since it tasted as good as the store bought boxes, even better.



Time :  90 minutes

Milk : 1.25 Litres + 2 tbsp milk – Full Cream or whole milk

Sugar : 1/2 Cup 

Cardamom powder :  1/2 tsp

Semolina / Sooji : 3 tsp 


Method :

Soak the Sooji in 2 tbsp milk and keep aside.

Heat up the 1.25 Litres milk in a heavy bottomed pan. I used a non-stick pan.

The milk needs to reduce to about 1/4th its measure about 300 ml. Keep an eye and keep stirring since it will quickly brown if not stirred often.

After about 70 minutes, Once it has reduced keep stirring and add the sugar.

Keep stirring while the sugar has completely dissolved and starts to thicken up further.

Add the sooji mixture and let it cook further till it cooks further more.

Sprinkle the cardamom powder and after it becomes a solid mass, remove off heat and transfer on a greased plate to cool it down.

Now, cut into shapes and serve.


Notes :

Stay closer to the pan while the milk is simmering away. You could see some some brown bits since I thought boiling away in a nonstick pan would keep it from burning. Nonstick is not nonstick after all. 🙂



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